Sixty-Six Little Lessons



Designed for EFL teachers all around the world, ‘Sixty-Six Little Lessons’ is designed to help you teach as effectively as possible, with as little preparation time as possible.

I’m a busy EFL teacher. I’m sure you are too. And sometimes you need to be able to walk into a class, ready to go – without having to worry about preparing a load of materials, or a full lesson plan. What if a colleague is sick, and you’re called in to take their place? That’s where this package comes into its own.

There are two parts to the zip file you can download here. The first part is a pdf that includes all sixty-six lessons. Each one introduces the topic, gets your students talking, and brings them into the lesson nice and smoothly. If you’re teaching students around B1 level, these opening questions will be perfect for them. After that, the next round of questions push your students’ abilities further; follow this up with a speaking activity, and finish with some homework. And along the way, you’ll get to teach your students some useful new language and structures as well – it’s all right there on the page.

The other component is a ppt file formatted to fit a 16:9 output – perfect for projectors, but also for your laptop or tablet screen. The slideshow brings up the photographs and images found in the book one at a time, so that you can discuss each before moving on. If you can use the ppt, there’ll be no need to do any photocopying ahead of your lessons.

With this book I feel like I’ve really put my money where my mouth is, so to speak: I’ve used it extensively both in 1-2-1 classes and with groups, and it has worked a treat. Each lesson really got the students talking, and to add a bit of flexibility I even let my students vote on which topic to look at each time – I could do this, safe in the knowledge that I had everything ready regardless of what they opted for.